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LET'S start 

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One-to-One Coaching includes: 

Right now, I am the only coach on staff. As a result, the limited number of athletes that make my training roster will receive the same level of support and connection. Each trainee will choose the length of commitment and will always receive the same level of service. 

  • Consultation and athlete questionnaire

  • Three-week training schedule the start, then weekly updates containing the next horizon week schedule included. 

  • Fully coached speed/interval session on a local track. (Local trainees, only)

  • Weekly feedback on workouts and training adjustments based on your needs and performance. 

  • Communication with a coach via text message, email, or other web-based platforms

  • Travel running help, research on routes or races away from home

  • Pre-race strategy call to cover route analysis, fuel, and paces.

  • Post-race assessment and feedback 

  • Optional monthly check-in call

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start today

If you're interested, feel free to contact me and we'll discuss your goals, get to know each other, and decide what's right for you. After that, you may complete an athlete questionnaire, sign our waiver, and we'll get started creating the first 3-weeks of your custom training plan. 

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