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Customized Training Plans


Blue Reach Running Training Plans are designed and built around your current state of fitness and your desired race goal and objective. Training plans are near real-time – which means the training plans will have a) three-to-four weeks of scheduled training runs at the start of the training period and b) weekly updates will be provided until the end of the training period. 

Each customized training plan will be stored on Google Drive in a dedicated folder where access will be provided to only the trainee. 

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How Your Customized Training Plan Is Developed and Designed



Customized training plans are developed, designed, and adjusted based on:

  • Experience, that includes an average estimate of total miles run over the most recent 3-week period

  • A Six-Minute Test, which provides insight on the current state of fitness 

  • The Result of a most recently completed 5K or 10K Race

  • The Garmin Reports, post- each scheduled run and will be material used to adjust future scheduled training runs


Customized Training Plans contain:

  • A Pace Chart designed around your (projected) goal race finish time

  • A Course Map

  • A list of 3-5 Mile-by-Mile Pace Scenarios to achieve race day goal finish time

  • A list of Recovery, Easy, Long Run, Marathon, Tempo, Threshold, and Progression Training Paces

  • A list of Speed/Interval Training Paces

  • A list of 5K Races from which one or two is selected (by the trainee or coach) and is scheduled at the mid-point and/or one week prior to goal race

  • A list of Strength- Cardio- and Core- Workout recommendations

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Custom Plan

Ideal For

5K, 10K, and 13.1 Races

(dependent on current fitness level and experience)

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Custom Plan

Ideal For

13.1 and Marathon Races

(dependent on current fitness level and experience)

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Custom Plan

Ideal For

Marathon Races

(dependent on current fitness level and experience)

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